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Welcome to Scottish House Buyers. Our mission is to assist you to sell your house or flat quickly and privately.

We understand that selling your home quickly through a conventional estate agent is not always possible. Our quick home buying service offers you the opportunity to achieve a quick house sale and relieve the stress of a long and protracted sale by selling directly to us.

We buy property throughout central and southern Scotland and specialise in tailoring solutions to meet our clients needs. If you are experiencing any of the following problems we can help.

Scottish House Buyers Are you having difficulty selling your house owing to the fact it needs modernisation or is generally run-down?

Have you recently inherited a property and want a quick house sale to avoid the time-consuming process of selling through an agent?

Are you moving abroad or relocating to another part of the UK and need to sell your house quickly to facilitate your move?

Have you recently separated and require a quick property sale to move on with your life?

Are you experiencing temporary financial problems and need to sell your home to regain control of your finances?

Do you suffer from bad health and need to sell your house to enhance your quality of life?

Are you facing repossession from your mortgage lender and need to sell your property quickly?

Whatever your reason for requiring a quick house sale is ready to help. We offer a much faster alternative to the traditional way of selling your home. Simply click on our benefits page and consider the advantages of selling your house or flat to

If you would like to contact us about your personal situation call us on 0131 332 6299 (mobile: 07951837099) or contact us online.